Join me for WizIQ’s first Wednesday Webinar!

Catchy, right? WizIQ Wednesday Webinars…you know, WWW, like the World Wide Web, only different…

OK, well, even if you’re not as impressed with my cleverness as I am, this first webcast is worth attending. Titled “Save time & money with WizIQ for training and professional development”, it’s a bit of a departure from the video content I usually share from review:ed. We’re going to be talking specifically about WizIQ and its role in training and professional development; although we’ll be recording the webinar so you can watch it if you happen to miss the live show, I’m hoping that there will be some great opportunities for live discussion and interaction around this incredibly important use case for our virtual classroom.

The webcast is public and doesn’t require a signup…just follow this link on Wednesday, enter a screen name, and join in. As I described in the class writeup,

Sometimes training and professional development just has to happen in person. Group work, intensive immersion in a task or project, or training over several days often just works best when you are locked in a room with trainers and colleagues. Most times, though, the expense and disruption of this sort of training just isn’t justified. Instead, using a web-based virtual classroom like WizIQ can allow training to be efficient, effective, and, most importantly, cost-effective.

An added bonus? Trainers can potentially reach more students at once, increasing revenue and reducing overhead. WizIQ also allows the recording of training sessions and content, making review and asynchronous reuse possible.

Sound interesting? If you’re in the business of corporate training, deliver professional development to teachers, or have sat through interminable training sessions that take you away from your job, this webinar is worth attending. It’s 2012, after all, folks, and fuel prices are high, budgets are short, and time is more precious than ever. Both synchronous and asynchronous training delivered over the Internet will trump in-person training nine times out of ten, whether you’re the trainer or the trainee.

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