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Raising a Digital Native

In recent months I've been particularly intrigued by early literacy practices and how these are affected by ICTs, especially by some of our youngest learners. I'm the proud father of a six month old, and I've had the privilege of watching him interact with the signs, symbols and systems that make up the connections and communication systems in our household and community. My Wife and I are diligent in trying to use sign language to communicate with him to help him express himself...even as…


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Creating and Curating Your Online Brand

Recently I spent some time looking at the materials I presented at the NLI last summer in Cambridge and I started thinking about what I would possibly present if I had the privilege to work at the next edition of the NLI. I would still run sessions on visual walkthroughs or screen-capture tutorials to use with students and staff. One area that really needs to be addressed, especially with those of us that are frequently online is managing our online identity...and possibly… Continue

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What to think...while critically thinking online

In our research in online reading comprehension, we often highlight the five skills we see being used as students read online: questioning, locating, synthesizing, evaluating, and communicating. Each of these skills has their own issues as students move online to encounter the multitude of texts that make up the online reading experience. In looking at critical evaluation specifically, I view this as being a situated experience that draws upon two major constructs: credibility and relevance.… Continue

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What is New Literacies?

Here with the New Literacies Collaborative, we frequently use the term new literacies and at many talks, presentations and conferences new literacies is added into a title or abstract...but what does New Literacies actually mean?

For a class on new literacies that I teach here at the University of Connecticut I start the course by having the students answer a very simple question: "What is New Literacies?" This definition is collaboratively…

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A media lieracy lesson

Clay Burell's blog post "The New York Times is Always Right" points to how even news sources of great stature slant the news depending on what country the story is about.

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